Policy, Systems & Environmental Change

It takes individual and collective effort to achieve health, equity, and justice. This is why we engage with the systems that impact peoples’ lives, including the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and the MN State Legislature. These institutions are key to increasing land and food access for communities of color. By creating the space for conversation between policy makers and community members, Waite House supports meaningful system change around land and food access.
We are consulting with the community on their food policy priorities for Minneapolis in the next four years. The People’s Food Platform will elevate these visions to be a part of the 2017 Minneapolis municipal election conversation. Platform conversations with the community will begin in June. Want to share your food policy priorities? Take a brief, 3-question survey here.

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We have been working with the MPRB’s Urban Agriculture Activity Plan Implementation Committee for over a year. Through this policy body, we have advocated for:

  1. Urban agriculture and foraging zones in Minneapolis Parks
  2. Community gardens in the Parks
  3. Equitable distribution of urban agriculture space, community garden plots, and edible landscapes
  4. Increased engagement with the community around urban agriculture planning and implementation.

The work of the UAAP is ongoing. Parks Staff has told us that we are very near passage of the foraging and community garden policies. Thank you to those of you who have called your commissioners in support of these policies! We will be working on equitable implementation and engagement as well as edible landscapes for all of 2017.

Connect with Farmer Brown (Martin.farmer.brown@gmail.com) to attend the next UAAP Meeting. (Meetings and info are posted here.)

We have been working with State Representative Karen Clark on a pilot program to fund urban agriculture projects in communities of color for three years.
We regularly convene people to coordinate efforts and vision around urban agriculture policy at all levels.

Contact Farmer Brown (Martin.farmer.brown@gmail.com) for an invite to the next Urban Agriculture Policy Convening!