Land access for urban agriculture in the City of Minneapolis is moving forward in big ways this spring! Check it out…

In November, we presented three recommendations to the Mayor and City Council to improve land access:

  1. Expand garden leasing to Public Works lots
  2. Support staff time to manage the lease program
  3. Allow gardeners to purchase the lots they lease through the program

In January, the City Council CDRS Committee received a report on the success of the current land access program from City Staff. Council Member Frey moved the Public Works recommendation at that meeting.

In February, City Staff came back with a list of Public Works lots that could be added to the program.

And, in March, eight of those lots were made available for gardening, with approval by the full City Council.

Oftentimes policy changes happen slowly. Sometimes, though, we hit the mark just right and things move forward quickly! Huge thanks to the Council Members and City Staff who made this possible and for those of you who made phone calls and sent emails in support of these recommendations.

Waite House’s Food Shelf program will be starting a new garden this spring in one of the newly opened up Public Works lots. We will be installing on Thursday, June 8th, and would love to have you there. Save the date! We will be sending an invite later this month via our Phillips Community Healthy Living listserv so make sure to sign-up here.

Check out the interactive map below to see which lots are still currently available in the City of Minneapolis’ garden lease program.