Many of you joined Waite House and Gardening Matters for the Community Gardens in Minneapolis Parks policy review session on July 18th 2016. In that session, we heard loud and clear that our community wants access to space to grow food in Minneapolis Parks, wants those spaces to be pesticide and herbicide free, and wants a choice about whether or not to fence them. Parks staff heard your concerns and made those changes to the draft policy.

Before Spring, the final policy will go before the Minneapolis Park Board for approval. We need your support to make sure it passes! Call your Park Commissioners today and let them know you support growing in Minneapolis Parks!

Scott Vreeland
John Erwin
Meg Forney


Annie Young
Brad Bourn
Steffanie Musich


Jon Olson
Anita Tabb
Liz Wielinski


Talking Points for Contacting Park Commissioners:

There is overwhelming demand for land access to grow food in South Minneapolis. Waite House/Gardening Matters’ engagement session around the Parks Community Garden Policy drew more than 30 community members. Whenever public or private lots in South Minneapolis are opened for gardening, they are put to use quickly and productively by community members. The Parks Community Garden Policy will open more than 10 new growing spaces all over South Minneapolis, including Phillips and Powderhorn.
The Parks Community Garden Policy was developed collaboratively, with input from community members, garden organizers, Parks Planning Staff, and Parks Center Directors. Because the perspectives of all of these stakeholders were included in the process, the policy will function smoothly for Parks Staff and support meaningful land access for the community. Parks will additionally support the new gardens with water access, and barriers to participation, such as expensive fencing and raised bed requirements, were removed in the policy review.
The Parks Community Garden Policy allows growing in designated spaces within Minneapolis Parks (“Urban Ag Zones”). These spaces are currently underutilized and urban agriculture will not take away from any current uses of the Parks.
Gardening within Minneapolis Parks will occur in a manner appropriate for and specific to publicly owned land. The gardening program is open to any Minneapolis resident, and the garden spaces may be used for decorative plants, such as flowers, or to grow food for the community. The spaces will not be used for commercial growing.


For a copy of the policy, contact Siciid Ali: Phone/612-230-6576 Email/